Standard Vacuum Foam Gripper

Easy to install 

• Gripping power remains constant whether single part or entire layer
• Switch from products, to slip sheets, to pallets without adjustment 
• Rugged and not affected by dust

Customize Vacuum Foam Gripper

Custom design to fit your application

• Custom design to t your specification application
• Pick up all products without adjustment
• Gripping power remains constant with single parts or entire layer

Mini Vacuum Foam Gripper

Compact foam gripper

• Foams adjust to smooth and rough surfaces easily
• Ability to pick a variety of products without adjustment
• Provides a new way to obtain faster cycle times!

Foam Pad

Guarantee quality at the best price and the most efficient service.

Vacuum foam pad for foam gripper. we can compare and custom design for customer vacuum foam gripper and can replace to all brand in vacuum systems.
• Large range of foam materials to fit your application
• Easy to remove and repositionable
• Different thicknesses


Joulin invented the foam vacuum gripper over 50 years ago.They continue to pioneer advances in vacuum technology today. Joulin foam grippers to complete turnkey vacuum handling systems, Joulin vacuum foam gripper is flexible and offers a quick response to supply the best solution for you.


A suitable foam is the guarantee of efficient handling and truly economical handling. Can use with many vacuum foam gripper and can made a custom vacuum foam pad for all form gripper . 



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