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Mini Grip

Easy to install 

• Foams adjust to smooth and rough surfaces easily
• Ability to pick a variety of products without adjustment
• Provides a new way to obtain faster cycle times!


Custom design to fit your application

• May be powered by internal cartridge or remote vacuum generator
• Multiple grippers may share a common vacuum source to reduce energy consumption
• Rough, porous, twisted, uneven surfaces and bags can be picked up

Plug & Pick

Compact foam gripper

• Gripping power remains constant whether single part or entire layer
• Switch from products, to slip sheets, to pallets without adjustment
• Rugged and not affected by dust

Value Gripper

Guarantee quality at the best price and the most efficient service.

• Ready to install (self-contained)
• Quick pick and release
• Simple to use • Low maintenance
• Tilt from horizontal to vertical

Bag Handler

Bag or Wrapped Product

Pick up bags or other shrink wrapped products. Sized to fit your bags.

Palletizer Pro

Pick Up All Products

Gripping power remains constant whether single parts or entire layers. Adjustable lifting capacity.

Lumber Gripper

Uneven Surface

Different design. Not sensitive to dust.